True Commitment to Sustainability

Carpet is one of the most significant items in landfills today. We believe that all who work to produce, install and remove carpeting and other flooring goods must become responsible for diverting them from landfills, which starts with motivation. From mastering the LEED rating and documentation system to physically recycling our own installations, D9 is committed to making a measurable impact on the sustainability of the projects we help to construct.



In early 2008 we installed a carpet recycling dumpster at our facility. We have also added a mixed debris container at our facility to create an option for all materials demoed on a project to be diverted from landfills.  We have researched where our recycled products are transported, and what remanufacturing processes are then rendered, to ensure we are minimizing environmental impacts.



To date, we have diverted over 900 tons of carpet and pad from landfills, and brought these goods to a recycling facility that has an average recycling rate of 99%. We also divert other types of flooring and sundry waste such as adhesive buckets, and continually research new facilities and avenues to recycle as many of the products we contact as possible. Find out more about our full-scale corporate stewardship objective by contacting us at gogreen[at]


Since 2016, we have recycled 218.62 tons of carpet. That’s 437,240 pounds!