Ray Apartment Homes and D9 Bring “Thoughtful Living” to Fremont

Ray Apartment Homes and Division 9 Flooring

Ray Apartment Homes and D9 bring “Thoughtful Living” to Fremont.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than adding to Fremont’s hip factor. That’s exactly what we did with Ray Apartment Homes in Fremont. The building is located on Stone Way in Seattle. Just a short bike ride to the Fremont Bridge. 

Fremont is known for being one of Seattle’s more eclectic neighborhoods. From the Fremont Street Fair’s Naked Bicyclist Parade to the Fremont troll and just the vibe in general. Fremont is where Seattle’s hipsters come to be hip. Fremont was originally separate from Seattle, it’s own little city. Some would say Fremont’s quirkiness and funk factor help make it seem like it’s still its own little city/community.

Ray Apartment Homes fit right in. The building has 119 units and is unique. It offers a “thoughtful living” concept along with a game room, an orangery (really), a fitness center, a skyline rooftop and a communal entertainers kitchen.

The building is convenient to downtown Seattle, Aurora, Interstate 5 and the Burke-Gilman Trail near the north shore of Lake Union.

The floor plans are open with high end finishes. And of course the flooring quality is beyond excellent – Division 9 Flooring installs only the best.

Ray Apartment Homes are part of Mack Urban Communities and offers a rooftop orangery. How many other apartments offer a rooftop orangery? There’s a variety of citris plants including kumquats, limes, lemons, tangelos, raspberries, blueberries and oranges to name a few. The orangery will be well maintained year round.  Talk about originality. Ray also offers a bike workshop room with a pool table and an outdoor tv on the rooftop deck. It’s all about standing out from the rest of the apartment homes in the area and finding a niche. Ray Apartment Homes is off to a great start.

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