Division 9 Flooring Seals Intentional Software’s Hip Factor in their new Bellevue offices

Division 9 gives Intentional Software great flooring

Division 9 Flooring seals Intentional Software’s hip factor in their new Bellevue offices. They deserves to look as hip and progressive as they are. Division 9 recently put in about 3000 square yards of resilient flooring, 1000 square feet of wall tile and about 3600 square feet of polished concrete. The corridor pattern of three carpet tiles was a fairly complex pattern, but turned out really nice. The schedule was aggressive, but we were able to meet or beat each phase.      

Division 9 Flooring and Intentional Software team up for flooring

“Another great installation by Division 9 Flooring!  With multiple flooring scopes (polished concrete, ceramic tile, carpet, & resilient flooring) and a short project duration, I appreciate the teams efforts in delivering a successful project to the client”.  Loren Moyer, Project Manager  |  GLY

Intentional Software Corporation was founded in 2002. Since then, Intentional Software has focused on creating innovative software that will transform the way organizations collaborate to create and share ideas. Intentional Software aims to improve software productivity by making the program look more like its design. You may have noticed the highlighted E and upside down A in the logo. The E and A have special meaning, they are important mathematical symbols. They stand for Entities and Aspects.

Intentional Software

The new facility in Bellevue is a big work environment change. More open spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, an arcade game room and a workout room with showers. Charles Simonyi left Microsoft to create Intentional Software in 2002.  While at Microsoft he led the technical development of Word and Excel. Simonyi left Microsoft with the right to use his intellectual property he developed and patented while working there. Microsoft holds the right to be the first to negotiate with Intentional Software should the company ever be put up for sale.

Intentional Software’s new work environment is designed to promote group productivity and creativity. Division 9 is proud to be a part of the process.

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