Division 9 Flooring Honored With “Re-Innovator Award” For Waste Prevention and Recycling

Re-Innovator Award 2015 goes to Division 9 Flooring

Division 9 Flooring Honored with “Re-Innovator” Award for Waste Prevention and Recycling Practices.

King County Solid Waste Division has announced their list of 2015 Best Workplaces for Waste Prevention and Recycling. Division 9 Flooring is being honored with the Re-Innovator Award.

In a press release dated July 17th, 2015, King County Solid Waste  says Division 9 Flooring and the other companies on the list deserve to be singled out for their commitment to the environment. “These companies deserve special recognition for demonstrating their ingenuity and commitment in preventing waste. From composting in lunchrooms to reusing packing materials, they’re showing that sustainability can be simple and rewarding.”

King County is honoring Woodinville-based Division 9 Flooring with the “Re-Innovator Award”, which recognizes exceptional innovative waste reduction programs. Division 9 is an industry leader for its unique carpet and carpet pad recycling program. Since 2008, it has recycled and diverted more than 900,000 pounds of carpet and pad from the landfill.”

Division 9 Flooring Sustainability Program

They continuously research new ways to divert other forms of waste generated in the demolition and construction process from landfills as well. They reduce their need to purchase new packaging materials by reusing materials that are sent to them.

Sustainable purchasing practices have helped the company recognize that their office does not need to rely on standard consumable products. They have a washer and dryer on-site for reusing towels and washcloths; they compost all food waste; and they encourage employees to bring in items that are difficult to recycle, like plastic bags, batteries, and light bulbs.”Division 9 has also been an engaged stakeholder in the Northwest Carpet Recycling Project, and a sponsor, presenter and exhibitor at one of the Washington State Recycling Association’s most successful “Washington Recycles Every Day” events — In the Loop: the NW Carpet Recycling Value Chain.

Division 9 Flooring CFO, Meliss Rossi says “If we can recycle 900,000 pounds of carpet, why stop there?  Most of the materials we touch in our everyday business don’t really need to end up in a landfill.  All it takes is the desire to be proactive and engaged in the process, and a touch of creativity.  I hope our example inspires other businesses to take the small steps that add up to a big impact on the environment, because it’s absolutely within reach to do so, and very rewarding to know you’ve made a difference.”

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