D9 Under Time Crunch to Deliver on Micro Encoder Project

Micro Encoder in Kirkland used Division 9 Flooring for remodel

D9 under time crunch to deliver on Micro Encoder project. When D9 was awarded the Micro Encoder remodel project, time was of the essence. The remodel would affect Micro Encoder’s business operations, so we wanted to cause as little disruption as possible, but deliver a top notch job at the same time. We were able to accomplish that and are very pleased with the finished product.

We partnered with Skanska Construction on the project. “I have worked with Division 9 on numerous jobs. Myself and the clients have always been very impressed with both the professionalism of the staff, and quality of the work. No matter what size of the job, they have always finished on or ahead of schedule, which is a huge plus. We look forward to working with Division 9 on future jobs. Definitely top of the list!”

Jim Davis
General Foreman  Skanska

Micro Encoder’s motto is “Relentless Innovation”. It illustrates their passion for technical and professional excellence and their continuous drive for improvement. Micro Encoder was established in 1986. It was created to identify and develop technologies, products, software and components for Mitutoyo’s precision measurement instruments and systems. Micro Encoder holds its employees to high standards. As with Division 9, honesty and integrity are a must. Team members are expected to choose the ethical way without exception.


Division 9 Flooring Micro Encoder Project
Division 9 Flooring Micro Encoder ProjectMicro Encoder’s staff of scientist, engineers, and professionals apply skills and talent across a broad spectrum of technologies including:

Basic Research.

Electronic Systems, Including A SIC Design and Test.

Patents and Intellectual Property – Over 180 patents issued.

Precision Position Tranducers, Encoders, and Other Sensors.

PC Application Software including all varients of Windows. Software test and quality control.

You can find out more about Micro Encoder here – Microen.com

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