Cedarbrook Spa Gets The Works!

Cedarbrook Spa in SeaTac got the ultimate spa treatment from Division 9!

Division 9 recently worked with Lease Crutcher Lewis on the Cedarbrook Spa addition to Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle. We’re very proud of how exceptional it turned out.
“Let me start by saying Division 9 quality of work at Cedarbrook was fantastic. In regards to the tile installation: The quality of tile work is probably the best I’ve seen to date.
 The quality of carpet work was also top notch. Schedule was great. I believe you guys beat our schedule on every floor. Overall – It was a good project and I felt you were willing to step in when needed. We will do this again!
Thank you for all your help!”
Ashley A. Frederick
Project Manager – Special Projects Division
Lease Crutcher Lewis

We felt the project really shined. This spa hits the right notes for relaxation and pampering. Who wouldn’t want to melt into a spa day at Cedarbrook? We’re very proud of the way the project turned out and are pleased to showcase it on our website. The spa is 3500 square feet and opened in September of 2014. It’s all about natural botanicals, herbal fusions and a massage for two if you like!

Cedarbrook Spa - a great place to relax!

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