Capitol Hill’s Cue Apartments Shine with a little help from Division 9 Flooring

Division 9 Flooring installed flooring throughout the Cue Apartment Project on Capitol Hille

Capitol Hill’s Cue Apartments Shine with a little help from Division 9 FLooring.

Seattle’s Capitol Hill is changing. What used to be edgy is now hip. Some call it gentrification – the “urban renewal” of lower class neighborhoods. Whatever you want to call it, Seattle’s Capitol Hill has it in spades and is in transition. The makeover is remarkable. You really notice it at night. What used to be a somewhat sketchy neighborhood, is now a mecca for young urbanites. New apartments and condos have been going in all over the place. There are cranes everywhere you look in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill is no exception. With the influx of young professionals in the area, Capitol Hill’s “sketchy” factor is dropping.

Capitol Hill was originally known as Broadway Hill. It makes sense as Broadway is the main thoroughfare through Capitol Hill. In 1901, in an effort to try to move the capitol from Olympia to Seattle, Broadway Hill became known as Captiol Hill. It didn’t work, but the name did. It’s been known as Capitol Hill since.

The Cue on Capitol Hill shares the block with Bill’s Off Broadway, a 35 year old well known pizza and sports bar. Bill’s Off Broadway took a two year hiatus through the construction and underwent a makeover. It’s back in business though and bigger and better than ever.

The Cue on Capitol Hill is filling up quickly. It’s located right across from The Egyptian Theatre and Seattle Central College. It’s appealing not only to young professionals, but students as well. There are great views of Seattle and Mount Rainier from the rooftop deck. ¬†Also a fire pit and BBQ. Pets are welcome and The Cue offers the Bark and Sparkle pet wash. A bike repair and wash station and a 24 hour fitness room. Division 9 Flooring is proud of our work at The Cue.

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