Ballard Tallman Project Blends Division 9 Flooring Finesse with Seattle History

Odin Apartments in Ballard and Division 9 Flooring Project

Ballard Tallman Project Blends Division 9 Flooring Finesse with Seattle History.

Ballard started out as a city next door to Seattle. The city of Ballard was established in 1889.  The city voted to be annexed to Seattle in 1907, but Ballard has continued to march to its own drum beat. Ballard is rich in Scandanavian history. Lumber and shingle mills along the waterfront helped establish Ballard in the early days. With the addition of Fisherman’s Terminal in 1914, the Ballard Locks and Ship Canal project followed. Ballard Avenue and Market Street became home to many businesses back in the day. A lot of the buildings along Ballard Avenue are protected by The City of Seattle as a Historic Landmark District.

Like many other neighborhoods in Seattle, Ballard has undergone a huge renovation. Old Ballard has been updated with new businesses, condos and apartment buildings. It’s become “hip” to live in Ballard. The commute to downtown Seattle over the Ballard Bridge is usually pretty quick.  Ballard is also next door to Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood and close to Wallingford and Green Lake, hugely desirable Seattle neighborhoods.

When the Ballard Tallman project came up, Runberg Architecture Group in Seattle wanted to remain true to Ballard’s history. They won a Gold Nugget Award from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference for their Ballard Tallman design.  According to a release from the architects, the Ballard Tallman “blends Ballard’s rich Scandinavian heritage and Seattle’s maritime and timber history with 303 residential units that fulfill modern needs with urban amenities and sustainable features.”

The Ballard Tallman project, also known as Odin Apartments, targeted Leed Gold Certification and stays true to Ballard’s history. A rooftop deck with great Seattle views, along with a fitness center and pet grooming room make The Odin Apartments a great choice. The apartments feature quartz countertops, walk-in closets, private balconies and views of the marina and Olympic Mountains.

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