A History of Success for Casey Family Programs and Division 9 Flooring

A history of success for Casey Family Programs and Division 9 Flooring.

Division 9 Flooring and Casey Family Programs have a solid relationship. A business partnership that we value. We’re proud to be Casey Family Programs “go to” for flooring and maintenance. Casey Family Programs was created in 1966 and has expanded to 50 states. They build Communities of Hope.  Jim Casey, the founder of Casey Family Programs, was inspired by his mother. He watched her struggle to raise four children after his father died. Jim went on to create a legacy of service to children and families in America.  

The goal was, and has always been, to reduce the need for foster care for children and families. They predict that they will trim the need for foster care by 50% in just five more years, by 2020. They demonstrate how every child can have a safe and permanent family. Support more effective investments in children and families and encourage a shared vision for success. They’ve invested more than $1.6 billion to support investment programs, services and public policies that benefit children and families in the child welfare system. They predict they will invest at least $1 billion more in the next five years to fulfill the promise of Building Communities of Hope.

Casey Family Programs

Jim has left a legacy. Not only with Casey Family Programs, but with a messenger service he started as a teenager to help support his mother and siblings. That messenger service later became UPS. 

“I just wanted to write and formally thank the D9 crew for their (standard) outstanding job with the carpet replacement project.  Eric assembled an A Team and Josh made it happen.  You continually spoil us with your professionalism, customer service and excellent craftsmanship making it a pleasure to do business with you.

Thank you so much and I look forward to the next project……”

Karen Larson
Director of Facilities
Casey Family Programs
2001 Eighth Avenue, Suite 2700

Seattle, Washington 98121



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