Division 9 Flooring Upgrades Broadway Vision Source Flooring To Compliment 20/20 Vibe

Division 9 Flooring Broadway Vision Source

Division 9 Flooring upgrades Broadway Vision Source flooring to compliment 20/20 vibe.

Division 9 Flooring recently installed new carpeting and base at Broadway Vision Source on Capitol Hill in Seattle. We also did a concrete clean and resilient restoration clean in the restrooms and exam rooms. The space now looks brand new. Before we could begin, we removed the old broadloom and readied it for recycle. We installed new carpet in the show room and new broadloom on the stairs. The result was excellent.  Continue reading…

Division 9 Flooring and Swinerton Builders – A Solid Partnership

Swinerton Builders and D9

We’ve had the privilege of working with Swinterton on many occasions – at least 40 this past year alone, including Swinerton’s Bellevue Offices. Swinerton has been around for over 100 years. When a company with that kind of track record singles you out to help build their own offices, you know you’re doing quality work. D9 and Swinerton have similar core values, including a commitment to the environment with LEED Certification support. Swinerton’s new premiere office space was a true collaboration with clean lines and modern design. Our relationship with Swinerton and their trust in us speaks volumes.  

Swinerton and Division 9 Flooring

Continue reading…

Opportunities In The Obvious – A few words from David Flynn

The following is an article written by Division 9 Flooring Project Manager David Flynn. David Flynn from D9

Opportunities In The Obvious: Finding opportunity in a market saturated with competition

In a market covered, canvassed and bid upon by our peers, both qualified and unqualified, we can separate ourselves. Make ourselves stand out. Not just from the competition but from competing. Not just with better service, quality and pricing, but with ability and problem solving solutions. If our mindset is “why can’t we do that?”  we will see new doors open. Not just to unique and new opportunities, but also to building the trust and confidence our clients are looking for. Continue reading…