Division 9 Flooring Puts Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission On Receiving End

Woodinville, WA (March 23, 2015) –

Division 9 Flooring, a specialty flooring contractor, recently donated 575 square feet of carpeting, to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. The donation put the Mission on the receiving end of giving. The Mission houses close to 300 in the Men’s Shelter and serves over 1500 meals a day to residents and those who are homeless and hungry on the streets of Seattle.

The Donation from Division 9 Flooring benefitted the Mission’s original building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. The Mission opened it’s doors in 1932. The building is part of the Pioneer Square Historic District in Seattle, which protects the unique historic and architectural character of certain buildings.

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US Bank and Plaza Buildings in Bellevue Get Custom Made Makeovers

Division 9 Flooring Us Bank Plaza Bellevue

The US Bank and Plaza buildings in Bellevue get custom made makeovers! First impressions go a long way. Division 9 Flooring teamed with Turner Construction to leave no doubt that the US Bank and Plaza Buildings in Bellevue takes first impressions seriously. The entry lobby of the Plaza turned out very impressive. The stone flooring and custom made Masland Rug were a bit of a challenge to install. Largely due to the size of the Masland Rug. It was 18 feet wide and about 60 feet long. It took 4 guys to handle the installation. The finished product is beautiful!  Continue reading…

Velo- An In City Bicyclist Retreat

Velo Apartments

Velo – An In City Bicyclist Retreat – Velo is French for bicycle. The Velo apartment complex in Fremont is all about bicyclists. Velo opened in September 2014 with 171 units and bicycle ramps inside of the building so cyclists can zip right in. The Burke Gilman Trail is close by and so is the Fremont Bridge, one of the busiest areas for cycling in the city according to city data. Continue reading…